Leapfrog Leads' proprietary technologies provide a robust and scalable lead trading
platform that is vertical market agnostic and enables unparalleled tracking, lead
optimization and real time reporting for customer acquisition and marketing

Leapfrog Lead's initial focus is on three vertical markets:
    (1) Sub prime consumer offerings
    (2) Automotive
    (3) Mortgage/Financial Services
Market segments that are very large as well as ones in which the executive
management team has extensive contacts and relationships.

Leapfrog Leads allows providers of goods and services to more efficiently and
economically reach a highly targeted group of potential consumers for their offerings.

The data (consumer information) for Leapfrog Leads comes from several different
sources including proprietary websites, email campaigns, third party affiliates as
well as the company’s proprietary DBOIS…database of intentions.

This trading platform has many years of “learned experiences” and automated
intelligence incorporated into its rules base and design and this combined with key
relationships both on the affiliate side (third party aggregators/providers of consumer
data) as well as customers (the buyers of this data) offer our customers a significant
competitive advantage.
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