leapfrog realty partners, llc
Investment Focus
  • Flexible Investment Strategy
    Leapfrog Realty Partners' investments will be made in a variety of
    sectors, geographic locations and business climates. This broad
    investment mandate allows the firm to source and execute unique
    and complex transactions including direct equity investments in
    real property, debt investments secured by real estate, privately
    placed real estate securities, and joint ventures with, or outright
    acquisitions of, real-estate operating companies.

  • Theme-Oriented Investments
    Leapfrog Realty Partners is constantly monitoring real estate
    markets to identify and develop the most promising investment
    themes based on asset class, geography or targeted groups of
    sellers. This allows the firm to develop expertise rapidly within
    special areas, to react quickly to potential opportunities, and to
    develop strong relationships with key partners in that area.

    Leapfrog Realty Partners currently has a specialized interest in
    owing and managing technology-related properties including
    Internet gateways, data centers, technology manufacturing
    properties, and regional or national headquarters of technology
    companies. The emphasise is on properties that provide the
    infrastructure for sectors such as disaster recovery and business
    continuity, electronic commerce and the security of stored or
    transmitted electronic data.

  • Anticipation of Trends
    Leapfrog Realty Partners' focuses on anticipating promising new
    investment themes before they become generally appreciated.

  • Conservative Approach to Investing
    Leapfrog Realty Partners' philosophy is generally guided by the
    fundamental premise that future cash flow, not "trophy status",
    ultimately determines the value of an asset. Leapfrog Realty
    Partners believes that rigorous due diligence, the use of
    conservative assumptions in projecting cash flows, and careful
    assessment of possible downside scenarios are the best methods
    for consistently achieving its objectives.

  • Prudent Use of Leverage
    Leapfrog Realty Partners aggressively manages the capital
    structure of its investments and adheres to a policy of prudent
    leverage.  By virtue of its close relationship with financial
    institutions, Leapfrog Realty Partners is able to obtain financing
    arrangements on favorable terms available in order to provide each
    transaction with greater protection in a downside scenario.

  • Focus on Exit Strategies
    In evaluating any investment opportunity, one of Leapfrog Realty
    Partners' primary considerations is the potential exit strategy. To
    that end, the firm focuses on making investments in high quality,
    well-located assets that should appeal to a wide group of
    subsequent buyers. In addition, factors that reduce the value of an
    asset (such as ground leases, preemptive rights, long-term
    management contracts or other restrictions on the owner's
    control) are closely scrutinized during due diligence to determine
    the effects on value. Finally, Leapfrog Realty Partners strives to
    seek investments with multiple exit strategies including private one-
    off sales, portfolio sales within common asset classes, mergers
    with existing public entities, or initial public offerings of stand-alone
    operating companies.

  • Complex Situations Requiring Creative Solutions
    Leapfrog Realty Partners' ability and willingness to source,
    evaluate and execute complex transactions within a short time
    frame is one of its key competitive advantages. Leapfrog Realty
    Partners focuses on finding creative solutions to complex
    situations involving under-performing and/or improperly capitalized
    assets or companies, which allows it to make investments at
    attractive valuations and to create incremental value in the
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