leapfrog technology solutions, llc
Leapfrog Technology Solutions is a leading provider of  information
technology (IT) services.

In today’s demanding business conditions – you need technology
solutions that are reliable, secure and enhance your businesses’
productivity and efficiency.

Leapfrog Technology Solutions offers a variety of IT services
specifically customized to meet the challenges of middle market
companies throughout the Midwest.  Leapfrog Technology tailors
solutions to the specific needs of your organization, working within
the constraints of your company's requirements, budgets,  history,
opportunities and challenges.

At Leapfrog Technology Solutions, we understand that clients do not
want generic, one-size-fits-all services.  We proactively provide
solutions that are specific to your firm and offer access to technical
experts who understand the pragmatic workings of your business.

Leapfrog Technology Solutions is an IT partner that not only
understands technology but also has a broad understanding of
business and how to cost effectively drive operating efficiency
through the prudent use of technology.
Leapfrog Technology
Solutions...the trusted
technology advisor for
small and medium sized