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Telecommunication Solutions
Leapfrog Technology
Solutions...the trusted
technology advisor for
small and medium sized
Leapfrog Technology Solutions assists clients in selecting and
managing your companies telecommunications systems...simplifing
the increased complexity and plethora of  choices while oftentimes
reducing your telecommunication costs.

The good news for many companies is that telecommunication costs
have fallen dramatically, especially with the increased availability and
reliability of business grade voice over IP (VoIP). Today, connecting
your business to a VoIP network does not require a big, expensive
integration overhaul, and may be the perfect solution for your
company's telecommunications requirements.

Leapfrog Technology Solutions can help you choose a cost effective
VoIP system that runs with plug-and-play simplicity and unmatched
reliability.  In days you can have a VoIP phone system with enterprise
grade features…. all you need is a broadband connection.
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