leapfrog technology solutions, llc
IT Advisory Solutions
Leapfrog Technology
Solutions...the trusted
technology advisor for
small and medium sized
Through an interactive and collaborative process, Leapfrog
Technology Solutions helps clients focus on prudently deploying
capital to efficiently utilize technology to streamline processes and
improve productivity and profitability.  Our engagement may include
some (or all) of the following:
  • Technology Plan
    Starting with a “big picture perspective”,  Leapfrog Technology works
    with your senior executives and technology team to develop and/or
    refine a customized technology strategy for your organization and helps
    prioritize investments in your infrastructure, network, hardware,
    software, disaster recovery solutions.
  • Infrastructure Deployment
    Then Leapfrog Technology Solutions certified engineers deploy your
    business critical technology infrastructure.
  • Technology Maintenance
    With the infrastructure in place you can rest assured that Leapfrog
    Technology Solutions will maintain your network.
  • Strategic Technology Reviews
    Finally, Leapfrog Technology Solutions will enhance your infrastructure
    through a disciplined process of periodic strategic technology reviews
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